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Buyer's Regret Lite

My new TV has 8 video inputs, so I figured maybe it could do picture-in-Picture. There's nothing on the remote or in the menus so I went online and chatted with a sales rep who told me Sharp does not make any TVs with PIP.

Vizio and Sony do, but the Sony ones are in the $1500- 2000 range and by the time I looked at Vizio, I realized PIP only works if you have two tuners and only works well if they have the same channel listings. I could arrange that, but it's too much work. And I've already spent my budget on TVs.

Meanwhile the car unit is still playing stump the stars. I sent Garmin support a scan of the page in the Kenwood manual (which was written by Garmin) describing how to import my personal address book from another Garmin. They already have screen shots showing how it fails. They said they will be working with Kenwood on an answer, but since they make the GPS and its software, and we're not talking about anything which touches the Kenwood side, it's really their problem. If it turns out to not take the addresses, I'm probably going to have it uninstalled, sell it on eBay and replace it with a good radio with iPhone support and put my latest Garmin back in the car.  Meanwhile, the gonifs at The Car Stereo Company who said they were mailing me a check Monday apparently forget to put it in the mail. They're in the same area code, it should have arrived yesterday.

When I got to work today the fax from Blue Cross was there, but it did not have the member number which they told me would be on there. I have an account number, but there's a separate ID code which will be on my ID card which apparently got lost in my vacation mail.  I should be able to take the fax to any clinic which is in their network, but it's a lot easier to get doctor info online with the actual number.

Work was another frustrating day with a piece-o-crap off-brand portable blu-ray player. They skimped on  memory and processor so everything takes twice as long to test. Lots of waiting. Worked till 7, partly to make up for coming in at 10, and partly because everything was taking so long. 1-on-1 tomorrow morning with new sorta boss. It was all I could do today to stay awake during the team meeting, with the shades drawn and the lights dimmed for the projector and everyone in my group talks so softly.

Came straight home, watched Undercover Boss with Pumpkin on my arm and Domino curled up on the sofa cushion.

Plans for tomorrow:
Work, home.
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