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Booking on Over

So few of my LJ friends are writing here anymore I've decided to change my rule about not adding friends on FB if they have an account here. Well, it's not really changing, the rule was if they were writing here... So I spent about half an hour going through the "people you may know" and poking those whom I know well enough to poke. Also caught up on theater peeps. The trigger may have been one of my oldest Luddite friends finally getting an account on FB. MZig and I worked on a newspaper together in 1973-4, and he grew to be part of my family. He was the photographer, I was his backup. He still prefers to shoot in B&W.

Anyhow, if you want to add me, I own the howeird account, and it ought to point to my real name.

Had a 1-on-1 with new sorta boss, he's easy to get along with, we see a lot of the same issues. Unfortunately, he wants everyone in the group to take turns at being leads, and I am not keen on that. Leads spend too much time not watching video.

Other than that, it was another boring day testing a punt-able device without actually watching any  movies. I wanted to leave at 6 to get home and watch most of the 49ers game, but one of the guys on another team came by about 5 till and asked me to run a test on my machine, so we could see if it was his machine or the test clip. This time it was his machine.

But some good did come of that. The guy is a big movie buff from India, and when I described a Hindi movie I had seen in 1975 in Bangkok and have been looking for ever since, he knew the title right away, and Netflix has it on DVD (but not on streaming, which surprised him.) The movie is Sholay, and most critics say it is still the best Hindi movie ever made. I remember it as superbly photographed, very well acted and deftly directed. It will be nice to be able to see it again, this time with pause and rewind available.

The 9ers reminded me of a scene in the movie version of Here Comes Mr. Jordan called Heaven Can Wait, where the studly young millionaire buys an NFL team, puts himself in as QB, and his front line decides to show him what they think of that move by letting him get pummeled. In the huddle he asks them to cut him a break, and give him an honest chance to show what he can do. While I don't think Alex Smith is the reincarnation of a deceased NFL QB, it is clear his front line was  phoning it in. I don't think they like him very much.

This morning a senior support person at Garmin who has the same Kenwood as me sent me a fix. The new firmware was cleverly hidden under the downloads for a different model, which is why I didn't find it for myself. Loaded it onto an SD card along with the address book file, slapped it in the machine and the GPS wanted to load the address book, and ignored the update. At halftime tonight I put the update on one chip and the address book on another, and with some fiddling and a couple of reboots I got the update in and that gave me access to the addresses. One little detail is the chip has to be in the machine to see the address book. It won't load onto the unit's internal memory. But I'm happy with the fix, and will forget about selling the unit on eBay.

Plans for tomorrow:
Maybe buy a couple of fluffy bath towels.

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