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I'm in the lobby where I work, except it is not anywhere I have worked IRL. As I head for the elevator, several other employees whom I do not know get into the elevator then come right back out again and walk away, maybe to the stairs, maybe to another elevator down the hall. I get into the elevator and there are no buttons for choosing a floor. I spend about 2 minutes looking for some way to make the elevator go to the 2nd floor, but find none. The door has stayed open all this time, and I get out and walk halfway around the building to another elevator. It too has no buttons. I take the stairs.

On the second floor, I have to walk back halfway around the building to get to my office. I am in a big room with no cubicles, my IRL boss is doing something with a CRT TV in a corner by the door, I go over to my desk at the other end of the room. I am the only one in the office besides the boss. On the computer screen is a survey. It is asking about my elevator experience. Did I find the elevator voice to be friendly, hostile, warm or mechanical? Did the elevator respond correctly to my commands? It is clear they have changed the elevator to being voice-activated. Now they tell me.

My boss sets up some cushions in his corner of the room, a comfortable nest from which to watch the TV. There are screams of panic coming from it, and also some expressions of WTF. He is taking notes on his laptop. It's a feed from the elevator.

After a while, he props the TV on a bed which is on wheels, the bed is neatly made with a sky blue blanket and white pillowcases. He tapes a piece of paper over the TV screen, goes out the door as he pulls the bed with the TV to block the door. I go over to the TV and read what is on the paper. "No data access December 24 and 31".  I was planning on working those days. I move the bed away from the door and go out into the hallway.

I am at a table in the hallway, sorting some paperwork.  Four or five Asian employees whom I do not know (they may have been the ones from the elevator) sit down around the table, ignoring me, chatting away as they clutter the table with their paperwork. It gets to the point where I can't do my work because their papers are all over mine. After not getting any cooperation from them by politely asking them, I put on my THEATER VOICE and they pick up their papers and scurry away.
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