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Short Day

Got on the 'puter at 9am just to write down the weird dream, went back to bed till 11. By noon I was making breakfast - sunny side up eggs on English muffins, sausage, salad, Crystal Lite.

Watched the Giants-Eagles game, was amused that Manning's main receiver was Manningham. And that the Eagles have a player named Avant, but he is not a guard. Good game, one-sided in favor of NY until the last quarter, when Mike Vick showed once again why he was worth taking a second chance on. Very exciting ending.

It was raining on and off all day, finally got off my butt and went to the laundromat. The place was almost empty, but one woman and her two daughters had about half the dryers filled with what looked like washing for a hotel - scores of identical towels. They were way behind getting the dryers emptied and the stuff folded. No problem, there were plenty of machines available.

Home, looked for the Raiders game, but it was blacked out. Listened to it on the radio while I hung up/put away laundry.

Dinner was artificial crab salad. I thought I had bought actual snow crab leg meat, but it was that faux stuff made from haddock. Tasted okay, but not like the real thing.

Watched the first half of the Sunday night game, switched away to TMZ at halftime, then switched back just in time to see an interception put the Patriots on top, which is when I gave up. Domino spent a lot of time sitting on the arm of the recliner, but unlike Pumpkin who is very a home there, she didn't stay long, and hopped off to curl up on the cushions on the sofa. She and Pumpkin both parked there at various times today.

 Went to bed way too late the last 2 nights, will go to bed early tonight to get back on work schedule. I'm planning on working the whole week.

Plans for tomorrow:
Monday Night Football.
There's a 9 pm coffee meeting for some of my fellow photogs, but Coffee Society is not a good place for a meeting, especially with their tree taking up a lot of space, and it will be raining...

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