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Can't Trust That Day

Wounding time before the eclipse starts. Writing is productive, so it's not chronocide. Up early, which means when my first alarm went off. Was on the road 5 minutes before the diamond lanes opened up, and of course this would be one of those when the lead engineer is late, and I forgot about our sorta-boss' effing 10 am Monday weekly meeting. Only half the crew were working, and most of them are taking some time off even though they are Hindu and Moslem. Go figure.

I didn't get a machine to test till after 11, and right off the bat found it had the same showstopper bug as the last model I tested from this manufacturer. As soon as I added the info to the previous bug (which was still being worked on my our resident streaming expert) things started perking. He came over to compare notes, he had a real good theory about the cause of the problem, which I quickly debunked. The device has a tool which measures the network connection speed, and it has always reported way low bandwidth compared to all my other network tools. After some chatting with the manufacturer's rep, it turns out their test of for connection to the manufacturer's server - in Korea. O-tay! Many of my tests were blocked by that bug, which meant less work now, more work later.

Most of the rest of the day was spent in the boring tests. Also logged some bugs against test cases which had cut and paste errors.

Bailed at 6, intending to go straight home and watch the Bears-Vikings game, but my alarm said I had an appointment at Psycho Donuts, which is about 3 miles from work. Got there, bought some decidedly non-psycho donuts. I guess you have to get there early. Then home, missed Bret getting pounded, was impressed by the rookie backup, but the Vikes were no match for Jake Cutler and a very impressive Bears team on both sides of the ball. Except when they were in the Red Zone, which was a mess because the coach kept sending in "run 'em up the middle" fiascoes.

During the game Domino did some running around, trying to get Pumpkin to chase her, which looked way too much like how she was acting at the time of her hypothyroid diagnosis. She has lost a little weight lately too. That was a little more than a year ago. Might also be because I had her favorite window open (screen closed) and she smelled neighborhood playmates. 

After the game I went outside and looked for the moon, and was surprised to see it visible through a thin layer of rapidly moving clouds. According to NASA's diagram, eclipse starts at 10:33 with totality starting in an hour and a quarter.  I don't think I'll stay out past that.

Because of the game I didn't go to BASFA. I have some things to auction, but those will wait till after the holidaze. Also decided not to drive out to Coffee Society for a 9 pm photog get-together. Did not want to miss the eclipse. Ironic because my first reason was I thought it would be raining.

Enough already.
Plans for tomorrow:
Who knows?

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