Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Lonely? Not Moi

I do my best to ignore this time of year. I'll be working through the week, and the only glitch there is I'll need to bring my own lunch tomorrow and Friday. No worries, I have frozen meals and there are microwaves at work. And unlimited free soda, coffee, milk, string cheese and if I want to get brave, yogurt.

My nearest relatives I have not seen in ages, one lives in the same town as me but works nights, his parents are in Capitola, which is a nasty drive which I am not keen on making in the winter. They are not close relatives, his mother is a second cousin of my Dad. They left NYC when I was a year old, and we didn't reconnect until about 1990, a story I have told previously. They're Jewish, Chanukah was a  month ago, they wouldn't be doing anything for this weekend. And not for New Year's, I don't think, because that's the anniversary of local cousin's wedding, which is long over with. 

Anyhow, Netflix  and TiVo are my friends, I will avoid the idiotic Xmas commercials that way.

One thing I have noticed this year is far fewer Jesus songs in commercials, and those which are there are often given a Jesus-ectomy. Nat King Cole singing about chestnuts and open fire for (I think) a cell phone company is faded out before he gets to the punchline. Most of the car ads are either using their own jingly sound loops, or Winter Wonderland or, more often, Jingle Bells, which is, after all, a song about transportation.

Target is one of the exceptions, with several commercials which are all Christmas soaked with Christmas sauce, wrapped in Christmas and rolled down Christmas Tree Hill. Disgusting.

TJ Maxx has one which is especially infuriating because the singers are so damned excellent and it is so blatantly commercial. It starts off with a single blonde woman holding a TJ Maxx shopping bag, confidently striding forth as if she is the world's greatest soprano, singing "In the mall, when you're shopping; budgets burst they're a popping". Okay, it's Jingle bells, but it's just so wrong. As she briskly walks through some mall, she is joined one or two at a time by other singers, all also excellent, with way too much confidence. I don't like when something I loathe is done well.  

And of course there are the 12 days of Xmas in various commercial flavors, but I'm not hearing as many this year.  More on the radio than on TV.

Really glad I have the car audio unit which I can plug my iPhone into and it plays my iPod playlists.

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