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Coffee, Lunch and Blue Cross

This morning for no apparent reason I was thinking about the universal offering (usually free) of coffee at Silicon Valley workplaces. I have never been a coffee drinker, my caffeinate of choice when I had one was cola. It's been decades, though. The closest I come to coffee appreciation is it mitigates the  overly sweet taste of chocolate in mocha, and my dad introduced me to the joy of coffee ice cream, for when mint chocolate chip has started to lose its zing.

So I don't understand the hackneyed cliché which is over-used in detective and sci-fi novels about the rarity of a great cup of coffee. Seems to me unless it has been burned or composted, one cup of coffee ought to be +/- 10% as good as any other. YMMV.

The first test I ran at work resulted in a show-stopper bug. It is so obvious and annoying it should never have made it out of the manufacturer's plant. All three of us testing found it on our machines, and I voted to fail the device right then, but was overruled because as bad as it was, it did not prevent us from running any of the other 600 tests.  Ironically, as I was demonstrating it for my lead, instead of that bug showing up, another major bug occurred. That one will take a couple of movie playbacks to confirm.

Got to watch a whole movie today, Dragon Wars D-War, a Korean-American venture which rips off so many sci-fi movies it is amazing. Starts with a scene right out of Gremlins, pulls from the Superman series, any number of dragon-themed movies, Star Wars, Godzilla, and even King Kong. The acting ranges from acceptable to not-so-much. Some of the special effects are superb, costuming for the bad guys is impressive in a Darth Vader Shops At LeatherMasters kind of way. They do some pretty good CG changeling stuff with the hero's mentor (who is seriously mis-cast - I'm sure they wanted David Carradine, but he was busy making 10 other movies at the time). The story centers on a young Korean couple from 500 years ago, and they are well cast (he is heroically handsome, she is heroine-ically beautiful) who are reincarnated in America as a homely reporter and a plain Jane woman whose occupation we don't know. There are no clever lines, the dialog is strictly functional. There is a lot of helicopter warfare, and it was required that any chopper which goes down has to immediately burst into a ball of flames. There are not a lot of plot holes because there is not a lot of plot. The ending, however, takes a couple of minor twists which saves it from being telegraphed too terribly much. Worth 90 minutes of mindless video streaming.

Home, two copies of the Blue Cross membership card arrived, which I have been waiting for since a month ago. Well, not quite, they both had my start date as this January, but they had my member ID, which got me into the "find a doctor" web site, and I've found a clinic, and narrowed it down to two doctors to go to. Will do that early next week, as I am about to run out of my prescription-only insulin. I have a fax from Blue Cross which says I am already covered, so there shouldn't be a problem.

I was supposed to help a friend set up her TV Saturday, but the TV table she had bought online arrived missing the assembly instructions and several pieces. Considering what time of year it is, I doubt they will arrive in time.

Have made my first round of calendar photo selections. This weekend I'll pare it down to the lucky 13. Printing takes a couple of weeks, though.

Spent some time online looking for a decent telescope for taking pix of the moon & nearer/bigger planets, and the camera adapter hardware. Need to do more reasearch as some prices to my untrained eye appear to be way out of line with the specs of the product. For example, there was one which was $119 which was very close in specs to a $400 one from the same company.

I am still kicking myself for the newbie mistakes I made with the eclipse pix. The main one being I did not use a remote trigger, or a delayed shutter. I remembered to do that for my last moon shoot, why not this one? I also discovered that in the dark I had accidentally switched off the vibration reduction feature of my lens.

Plans for tomorrow:
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