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Am I Blue or Am I Cross?

Called the medical center at about 12:30 to try to arrange for a doctor's appointment for next week, but the department which handles new patients closed at noon. Will try again Monday.

What has brown done for me? Nothing, today. Got a message from amazon.com that the tripod which was supposed to be delivered today didn't make it. Looking at the UPS tracking page, it seems the UPS driver from the Bay Area depot found the Sunnyvale depot closed.  On Christmas eve day. W.T.F.?

There was also no mail in my mailbox when I got home.

Work was not as quiet as it should have been with only about a dozen people in the building. Some bozo decided it was a good idea to crank up his music. We normally wear headphones. I guess he thought he was alone. Idiot. Put on my headphones and listened to Pandora while I did the boring tests which don't need me to be listening to the audio portion of the program. Thought about going to the guy's cube and TELLING him to use his headphones, but decided it would bring me too close to being homicidal. That would have been a bad way to end a week.

Home by way of Lucky's. Got there at 6:30, they were announcing that they are closing at 7. And will re-open Sunday. Went in mostly for zucchini and eggs, and where Safeway had no zucchini at all, Lucky's had the entire Bay Area crop. Picked up some salad stuff and egg nog, and headed for the check-out. There was a long line for the self-serve, which I couldn't use anyway because of the produce, and there were only two checkers working. I got in the line behind the woman who had everything you need for a holiday dinner for 12 in her cart, cake and cookies made from scratch included; and a couple who smelled like they don't have a shower in the trailer, with two six-packs of Smirnoff coolers and two flasks of generic house brand vodka. It was a long wait. Made longer when the trailer trash made the check out to the wrong store.

Home, had dinner while watching another episode from Lie To Me Season 2 on the blu-ray player's Netflix app. On the computer, ordered a replacement for the camera's GPS unit, which started going out on me again during the eclipse. It had gotten soaked during my Maui boat ride, and WD40 had brought it back to life, but it has been flaky since then.

Also took the leap and bought a telescope with camera fittings. It took a while to find what I wanted. There are several sites which specialize in telescopes, and have check boxes which help you narrow down what you want. I already had done the research to narrow it down to a refractor scope, and was leaning toward one which had a computerized star-finder feature, but the drop-dead requirement was I had to be able to attach my camera to it as if it was lens. My usual routine is after I find something on a specialty site, I look it up on Bizrate & Nextag & Amazon to see where I get the better price. My first choice scope came in at its lowest price at WalMart, so that took it off the list right there. The next one looked good, but it had no way to attach a camera (their idea of astrophotography is to point your camera lens at the telescope's eyepiece).  Third one was way out of my price range. Fourth one was it, a Celestron in the upper end of the beginner range. Also needed to buy a scope-to-?? adapter and a ??-to-Nikon adapter. In addition to moon & planet pix, it might also work for bird photos.

Plans for tomorrow:
Stay home, make zucchini chip chocolate chip/chocolate chunk cookies, watch football. Catterday. Maybe watch Sholay (the DVD is on the TV stand) and/or 2001 in Blu-Ray.


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