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The Day Before Boxing Day

Lazy mixed with accomplished. Slept in till almost noon. The sky was clear, made me doubt the dire predictions of heavy rain. This was the day to replace the rakes on the automatic litterboxes with Teflon-coated, more widely spaced ones. The biggest gripe I have with the ScoopFree litterboxes is the rakes are too narrow, and the crystals get stacked behind what ought to be the starting position. This ought to cure that. We'll see. Also took the hoods off, they are too small for Pumpkin and Domino likes to hide her work from outside the box.

While I was finishing up, it started to drizzle. Didn't rain for real until later.

At about 2 I popped a DVD into the player, a Hindi movie from 1975 called Sholay. I had seen it in Bangkok that year, and remembered it as very well done technically, well-written, and way too long.  The Netflix DVD is 3 hours and 8 minutes long,  but somewhere the 3 hour and 24 minute director's cut is out there. I'd forgotten it is  a musical. I'd also forgotten how violent it is, and maybe 3/4 of the story line. And how chubby the dancing girls are. It was well worth watching again.

Before starting the movie I made a batch of chocolate chunk cookie batter (yes, from scratch) and put the first dozen in the oven. I think it was the gunfire in Dolby surroundsound which kept me from hearing the timer go off. The smell of cookies on their way to becoming carbon got me up quickly enough to save them. They aren't burned, but they have a deeper tan than tollhouse cookies ought to. From then on I brought the timer into the livingroom with me.

The first batch only made 2 1/2 dozen, so at intermission I whipped up a second batch. I'd used the last of a box of white cane sugar on the first batch, and what I thought was a second box was actually confectioner's sugar. After a moment's delay I figured sugar is sugar, and used it. It worked just fine. The chocolate chunks were made by me cutting up some pieces of dark chocolate which I'd bought for taste testing and decided they were not "eating chocolate" and had set aside for baking. I'd tried on the first batch throwing them into the food processor with the walnuts, but they stuck on the blades.

Anyhow, the next batch was done before the movie was over.

After the movie I found the lone NFL game on TV, right at halftime. Put the baking stuff into the dishwasher and Swiffered the kitchen floor.  Some day soon I really need to get out the PineSol and a real mop and do the kitchen floor the right way.

Good game, both teams did their level best to give it away all second half. Finally Dallas succeeded in gift wrapping it for Arizona in the last 10 seconds.

Didn't leave the apartment all day, except to walk 10 feet across the courtyard to put the Netflix envelope in the mailbox.

Now I think I'll have a snack, read some Kindle and get some sleep.

Plans for tomorrow:
Maybe a movie with Janice. Maybe just watch football all day.
Tags: cooking, food, football

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