Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

A Quiet Babbage Birthday

Just as the 24th is Isaac Newton's, the 26th is Charles Babbage's. I celebrated by using the calculator in my phone. :-)

Wanted to sleep in, but found to my annoyance that I'd incompletely programmed the Logitech remote in such a way that I could not turn off the TV when it came on the timer at 8, and while I could bring up the input selector, I could not actually select an input - which meant no being able to watch the DVD player. So I fixed that on the computer, then went back to bed and watched something on Netflix on the DVD player, and then switched on the 9ers game.

Got up & dressed, made breakfast  and watched the rest of the game on the big screen downstairs. It had its moments, but unfortunately those were not in the final two scores, which went the other way. Once again the 49ers handed the game to the opponent. Maybe next year they will find a real QB, kicker and offensive line.

Took out the garbage, mostly beating the rush. Watched some more stuff on TV/DVD, met a friend for coffee. Expected to watch an evening football game, but it had been called on account of snow. Since when is a football game canceled because of the weather? The news twerps parroted the line that it was for the safety of the fans, but that's a crock. The fans don't have to show up. The game was sold out, they could stay home and watch it on TV. I'll be interested to hear what John Madden has to say about it in the morning. Except I think he's on vacation this week. :-(

Just for grins I tried out four other online calendar creation programs, because Costco's is very basic and does not allow putting a small caption under each photo. The choices are huge caption or no caption. Lulu wouldn't accept two of my files - too large, they said. Poo on that. Snapfish did what I wanted, but for $19 a calendar (Costco is half that). Forgot which other two I tried, they had the same issue as Costco and cost more.

Plans for tomorrow:
Call the clinic, arrange for a new primary care physician for the new insurance plan.
Maybe BASFA, maybe football.

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