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The big sports news here is San Francisco's football coach has been fired, with two years still left on his contract. The final straw was losing the one game which would have got them into the playoffs, after already racking up a massively losing season. I wish I knew more about the politics, because from this outsider's view, they set him up to fail. OTOH, he is an all-time defensive player from another team who transferred into coaching, and took over in mid-season when the previous coach was fired for pretty much the same thing. He will probably show up next season as the defensive coach of another team. Or not - his contract will pay him for the next two seasons regardless.

Meanwhile the owner is looking for a general manager who will in turn find a new coach. There is one more game left this season,  and they have assigned one of the assistant coaches to manage the one game.  The team's offensive line needs to be rebuilt, and they need to get rid of their #1 and #2 quarterbacks, who have both proved they are not NFL quality QBs. I hear there is a #3 who we may see play next week. What they really need is an experienced QB who knows how to scramble. But more than that, they need a gang up front who can protect him.

Work today was amusing. I had volunteered to install new firmware in a device which only needed to have two bugs verified as fixed. The upgrade instructions did not match the box I had, so I was stuck until the manufacturer's engineers in Taiwan came to work. Or so I thought. Turns out one of our engineers had a box with the covers off and the required custom RS232 interface and had installed the new firmware. He brought me his box and I ran the tests. I'll have to speak to the product manager about having the instructions updated, because we're bound to see this again.

After that I continued to work on the little set top box from last week. One more day of that and we should be done.  Then on to something else for the rest of the week.

Since it was the final MNF game, I went home instead of to BASFA. Good decision, it was an exciting game.

Posted this on  FB, figured maybe the great hive mind here might be able to help. My elderly La Machine II needs replacing, and I'm taking suggestions on food processors to replace it with.  I won't be kneading dough, but will be chopping and shredding and slicing.  

The new tripod was on the patio rack when I got home, it's by Polaroid, and is just what I was looking for. More solid than the one I have been using, and it cranks up to 72", so I can comfortably use it with the long 70-300mm lens. And it folds up as small as my current one, and has a built-in handle as well as a nylon carrying bag.

This morning the new clock radio alarm did not go off, which was rude, but I saw that I'd hit some buttons which kept the alarm in setup mode, so cockpit error on that one. Was *very* tired this morning, which is strange because I went to be at 11, which is way early for me.

Plans for tomorrow:
Maybe come home for the postponed Sunday night football game.
Somewhere in there I ought to call the local Beltone place about a hearing aid. I need one for meetings, mostly.

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