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Too much of a good thing

slurped up too much chicken soup way too fast, had to turn the fan on to get my temp down. Thought I was gonna plotz.

Ironic, because on the way home from work I stopped at the pet store to get replacement heaters for both aquariums. Both of them had wimped out in this cold weather.

Listened to the first half of the NFL game on my way home from work by way of Psycho Donuts. We bailed out of work early due to some technical issues which prevented testing the machines which were on the agenda for the last half of the day, and the next ones on the list would have the same issue. Boss will stop in tomorrow, and point us at some work, hopefully.

I'm starting to wonder about Pandora. Bought the no-ads version, set up two new stations, one for Scott Joplin and one for Sousa. The stoopid algorithm keeps trying to add the soundtrack from Showboat to the former, and assorted Beethoven to the latter. And it *still* has a limit on the number of times I can give thumbs down, which I thought my $$ was supposed to make unlimited. How do they expect to match my musical taste if they severely limit my input?

Watched the second half of the game at home, while heating and eating the soup. After I was done eating, Pumpkin jumped up on the back of the recliner, nearly sending us and the chair backwards and horizontal. The last recliner was not a rocker, and the back was his favorite perch, but he's too heavy for this one.

The company I bought the telescope from sent a UPS tracking number this morning, but UPS says it hasn't been picked up yet. It's somewhere in the eastern time zone, probably NYC, which doesn't bode well for quick delivery, but I'm in no rush. It'll be one more toy to play with/tool to learn to use.

Plans for tonight: Nyquil if I have any, Southern Comfort if I haven't.

Plans for tomorrow:

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