Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Plenty of Room at the Inn Coffee shop

Left work with half an hour to spare before the commuter lane becomes a regular lane. Not that I drive in the left lane a lot, but it allows the beamer boyz and red mustang girlz to do 80 without a passenger and not have to tailgate me.

So I am parked at the nicest *bux in Los Gatos, catching up on email, LJ and FB. Work was slow starting, but once things got straightened out I was running a lot of tedious tests with no time to write much more than a line or two.

One of the projects was what they call a bug fix verification - a device had failed certification because of a few bugs, they did a firmware upgrade and my job was to check that everything was fixed. Good news is everything was, including two items which were not really bugs but more things we thought would be good little features for them to add. And they did. Sweet.

Last night was horrible. Felt like a cold was coming on, had a shot of rum with coffee ice cream and went to bed at about 10. Maybe earlier. Kept waking up every 20 minutes, imagining what would happen if I died in my sleep. At about 1:30 I turned the radio onto one of the talk stations, and that helped me sleep. I was tempted to call in because, after all, I have all the answers. But I fell asleep instead. Woke again at 3:30, then again at 5-something. Domino thought I was up for the day, and she hopped onto the bed and walked across to my pillow, but when I rolled over to go back to sleep she went back to her bed by the closet. Finally gave up at 7:30, but needed a hefty dose of Vizene to see well enough to get on the computer. The good news is all the cold symptoms were gone and I felt almost rested.

Most of the eye candy has gone, time to become a commuter.

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