Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Chevy - Still behind the times

Among the incessant car commercials during the Holiday Bowl was Chevy's end of the holidays sale, in which people are removing the Christmas crap from the showroom, and the snowflake decals from the cars. The announcer says they are celebrating "the end of the decade".  Uh, no, that was last year. Cretins.

Finished a project at work, still blocked on another because the firmware won't upgrade. Boss wanted me to start on another one, bur we couldn't find a unit so I'm back on a home theater system with the world's clearest subwoofer. It used to power up with a beautiful tone which could be heard a block away, but they have removed that feature, thank goodness. After confirming that they had fixed one cosmetic bug, the unit started to play really poor video from my test server, so I switched to the real ones that the customers use, and while it was better, every now and then the screen would go blank for a second. Caught it on camera once during Time Bandits but it is so random that though I have seen it 4 or 5 times, I haven't been able to catch it on video again. It played an entire episode of Lie To Me without burping, I think it is content-related. Good thing is I have all day tomorrow to beat up on it.

Stopped off at Costco and picked up the calendars. I still have envelopes left over from last year, so will prep the mailings this weekend and make a PO stop on Monday. The Costco  format does not allow me to put a small caption on the photos without greatly reducing the size of the picture (their format makes is too small to begin with) so I may include an insert with something about each photo.

At Costco looked at food processors, but they don't carry KitchenAid, so I didn't buy one. I was surprised how compact the Cuisenart 14-cup model is. Doing some online review reading, it looks like that's the unit I want - and Costco.com has the best price. I was not paying attention to the in-store price tag, will do that tomorrow night if they are open late enough, or Sunday.

Watched the Holiday Bowl, which I thought was supposed to be on the weekend, my alma mater against Nebraska, which had beat them 52-24 in September. But that doesn't mean much since school doesn't start in WA till October, and it's a non-conference game. This time the Huskies did a stunning job with their defensive and offensive front lines and held the Cornhuskers to 7 points. The best part of the game for me was after failing to score from the 1-yard line in four downs, the UW caused a safety two plays later. Hence the sayng "there are numbers in safety". Two points! Final score was 19-7.

Feel a little sniffly, chalking that up to it being very cold and dry outside.

Plans for tomorrow:
Work - watch a LOT of video
Costco - food processor & hearing aid
Watch football
Drink egg nog (I have a lot of nutmeg), eat pigs 'n blankets

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