Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Well Into 2011 Now

I'm feeling like 2010 is over and done, and with all the crap I'm so glad it is behind me.

Slept in this morning, but not on purpose. I woke up at 7, decided to just make a pit stop and then go back to bed for an hour. Woke up at 10.

Played on the computer, then went for my manicure. The nails' armor plating usually lasts for 2 weeks, but they were closed last weekend and yesterday, so the nails were badly in need of re-plating. My favorite manicurist left a few months ago to go to college full time, and since then I have tried several others at my local spa, but none of them were better than average. Today she started chasing what she thought was purple polish on one nail, and I tried to stop her but she didn't until it started to bleed. I don't use nail polish, she knows that, I have no idea what got into her. She patched it up with some liquid bandage stuff, and I let her finish the job, but it's time to find another place to have my nails done.  The place has gone downhill ever since the owners stopped showing up on weekends.

Went to Costco to see how much more the Cuisinart was in the store than online. Turned out to be $20 less! Looking up the online order, they had not shipped it but still would not let me cancel, however there's a full refund return policy if I just bring it to the store. So when it arrives I'll do that. Bought a bunch of other stuff, mostly things on my shopping list.

Home, watched the 49ers game till the end of the 3rd quarter when they were ahead 31-7 with the Cardinals on the 1 yard line with 1st & goal. Did not want to watch SF give away yet another game, so went to Starbucks, picked up a pair of drinks, brought them to a friend's place and had a nice comfortable schmooze. While I was there, SportsTap messaged my phone that the 9ers won 38-7. Amazing.

Back home, watched the Seahawks win a squeaker against the Rams for a playoff spot. The only way Seattle will come out of the season without a losing record would be to win the Superbowl. I think NOLA will flatten them next week, but it's always fun to hear the fans at Qwest Field: Where the 12th Man is more like Men 12-15.

Dinner tonight was Claim Jumpers lasagna with meat sauce. Not much meat, overpowered by way too much cream cheese.

Am ripping my "mix tape" CDs to iTunes, as one track per disc, so they will play in the same order as before.  This will take a few sessions.

Plans for tomorrow:
PO - mail out calendars
BASFA. I have many things to auction before the Hugos no-auction meetings begin.
Tags: football, shopping

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