Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
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Going Postal Again

Highlight of the afternoon was going to the PO with a stack of calendars already sealed in labeled envelopes. I was all out of customs forms, which were needed for about 7 of them, which turned out to be a good thing, because the USPS has switched from a simple single-ply sticker to a 4-ply carbonless copy form with the sticker on the bottom layer needing to be peeled off. It took 20 minutes and severe hand cramps to complete those. And it made what used to be a simple bar code scan for the clerk into a 2-minute ordeal per form. The domestic ones were not much better, because even though they all weighed the same and were going first class for the same postage, she had to punch in each zip code separately. And we wonder why they are losing money.

Work was pretty mundane. The 10 am meeting I loathe was moved to 11, which is still a crock being it's Monday. SortaBoss™ is a bean counter, and very AR about the power of statistics, but he is a smart guy and little by little he is learning that the data he is basing his stats on is misleading, and needs to be re-thought. Meanwhile I am starting to re-think my future there. Trouble is, there still are no good jobs out there in my area of expertise. At least not locally.

And I'm thinking of moving. The numbers are right for a place with a washer/dryer. Trouble is it is the rainy season, and that is not the time to make a move. However, it may be time to start looking again, just to see what the prices are.

BASFA was fun, though poorly attended. johnnyeponymous missed some great auction items. There was a book I would have liked, except it was thrown in with several pieces of junk which I had no interest in. I was happy to see my 2011 calendar bid up to about $7.

Yay for Stanford clobbering the Yokels from Virginia. Wish the game had been on the radio. Had to make do with Sports Tap

Plans for tomorrow:
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