Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Taking a Break From A Quiet Day

Slept till 10, had a Cinnabun for brunch, as my Hgl level was low-ish (97 at that time of day means it was <80 an hour before). Watched the Ravens vs. Chiefs for a while, then went to the laundromat. Next time I'll have to bleach the whites.

Stopped at two Starbucks on the way home but both were jam packed, no place to sit. Home, watched the end of the game while making pigs 'n' blankets for dinner.

Took the remote to friend's house, showed her how to use it, set the time on her VCR, and she's happy.

From there to the big Starbucks, the one which stays open late, and found a place to park myself & the netbook. Will be heading home soon, probably will watch the last of the AT&T bowl while putting away laundry.

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