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Well that was certainly a Monday

Up and out and at work by 9 instead of my usual almost-10 on account of low-ish Hgl levels which got me out of bed when the alarm went off.  At work, had problems getting my test device to connect, thanks to something I have no control over which has been broken for months.

10 am department meeting reveals that we are hiring certification engineers, on contract. If you are Linux literate and can also use either a Mac or Windows computer, and want to mostly run boring server tests all day, let me know and I'll hook you up with a way to apply.

It also reveals that the SortaBoss is all about statistics, and the ones he thinks are useful are not. It's a hot button, he actually got mad when challenged. I didn't sign up to be a bean counter, or to work for one, so this has raised my inclination to find other employment a notch.

It was a short meeting because the department meeting was at 10:30. It started with another bean counter whose black text on  red background slides told me he was not worth listening to. So I took a bathroom break. There was a fairly interesting presentation about how the programming side of things is evolving, from the point of view of the manufacturers as well as us. And some chatter about CES which really didn't tell me anything I hadn't read on Gizmodo. And one other feature I have already tested, but was new to most of the others and I'm pretty sure I can't say anything specific about here.

Back to my desk, figured out a workaround for the device issue and finished my tests. We got the suite completed by 4:30, and though the box worked okay, it will fail because they didn't get our logo right.

Went home an hour later, turned on the TV, made the dumpster run I should have made yesterday, then watched 3/4 of the BCS championship which was boring and disappointing. Auburn had the better team, but they still played dirty. Oregon was phoning it in, and their play calling was lame. I hear they tied things up, then lost to a last-second field goal. Boring. The Stanford game was much better.

Rented a movie on iTunes for the first time, partly to see how the process went, and partly to test the car's alleged ability to play it, as long as the hand brake is engaged. Tried to download an audio book from the library, but they all have a waiting list. WTF? There's a limit to the number of "copies" they can have out at one time? Ridiculous. I thought about going there and checking out the CD, but there are 50 people ahead of me for the one I wanted.

Plans for tomorrow:
Work (I have no idea what I'll be working on)
Hang out for a while before going home

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