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Armed Bodyguards & AZ

Thanks to insomnia I was listening at 2:30 am to Coast To Coast After Dark, which is usually a UFO-psychic-wacko call-in show, but this time the guest was someone who had written a book with stats to back up the theory that a well-armed society is a polite society. There have been six communities in the US where the citizens have been required to own a gun, with the exception of conscientious objectors, and the crime rate in those towns has gone down dramatically.

However, when asked if having everyone armed at the rally would have prevented the shooting, the author said no. He noted that armed bodyguards have a lousy track record when it comes to the insane individual bent on shooting someone.

And as he was saying this, these names popped into my head:

Robert Kennedy
Gerald Ford
Ronald Reagan
Pope Jean-Paul II

All of whom were shot while surrounded by armed bodyguards.


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