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Normal work day for a change. Will be beating up on a new blu-ray player for the rest of the week.

Lunch was a faux Chinese buffet by the folks who make our box lunches. Hint: egg rolls warmed up in a microwave get very soggy.

Met localinactivist for dinner at the Athena Grill. It was pretty busy, despite being in an industrial area. I've been there at lunchtime a few times and it's a zoo then. Excellent food. We got caught up with each other's doings, it's been about a year, I think.

Several apartment managers replied to my Rent.com inquiries, including two from different managers at the apartment where I lived in 2000-2001.  My rent for a 2-bedroom townhouse apt in 2000 was $1840/mo, at the height of the dot.com boom. Today in the throes of a multi-year depression, they want $1935 for the same apartment. I'd rented that place because they were part of the same chain as the one I was living in in Kirkland, WA, and I got a waiver on my application fee. They had not told me that it is a 3-storey building, and I had to walk up a flight of steps to get to the apartment. If I rent from them again it will be a ground floor one-level. The apartment I moved out of the last time I was laid off has raised their rent so much I can't afford it. They also have closed their management office, and have parked the manager in one of the 1-bedroom apartments, converted to an office. Long story short, I have 4 places to visit Saturday.

Friends from Seattle are going to be in town this weekend, but our schedules don't mesh.

Need to find a new nail parlor.

Printed out this week's Hgl readings for tomorrow's doctor appointment. They are a lot better than the previous month. Mostly I've been eating dinner earlier and remembering my pre-meal insulin.

 Two of the leads from the Palo Alto Jekyll & Hyde I was in will be part of a concert in Half Moon Bay Saturday night. I'm going to try to see that.

Plans for tomorrow:
P/U prescriptions, I hope, 'cause I'm out of one and almost out of another
Celebrate the birthdays of Orlando Bloom, Rip Taylor, Charles Nelson Reilly and Horatio Alger, Jr.,
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