Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Bedtime for Bonzo, but I'm still up

Was feeding my Jonathan Coulton habit and discovered Felicia Day.
But I digress.

This morning my Hgl was 107, which is amazing. After work it was 208 which is amazing in the other direction. Blame the trail mix. Who puts M&Ms in trail mix? Biggest health food WTF evah.

Work was a circus. SortaBoss had his weekly 10 am on Monday meeting. Maybe half the team attended - most don't get in till 10 or 10:30, a couple of people work from home when they are about to be way late. A new guy started today but apparently was not invited, which I thought was way rude.

The dead TV from Friday was swapped for a live one, somewhat larger I think, and just as I started testing it SortaBoss decides to knee-jerk a non-issue, and have me re-test a set top box which I no longer had. Grabbed one from our prep guy, but it already had new firmware on it, which further non-ed the issue. Tried to get it to play on my server, but it croaked during the DRM process. Three times. Gave it to the woman who was the lead for the project, and it worked fine on her setup (which is a bit simpler than mine).  Filed a ticket to get my setup looked at, but there was no response from our alleged support group.

Went back to testing the TV, which was slow going because most of the tests were the "5 minutes to set up, 10 minutes to run" variety.  Thanks to our broken server software, those actually took 10 minutes to set up. I won't bore you with the details.

Called Costco, they said they had two prescriptions ready to pick up, but put a hold on the two insulin prescriptions pending the doctor confirming the huge amounts ordered. The same twit who sent the orders to Vermont also effed up the dosage instructions. What I gave her - twice - was not what she wrote on the prescriptions. Got a call at about 1 pm from the doctor's office which I missed because of the non-issue meeting, I called back and it took a lot of saying "I need to talk to the person who called me" to get a message to the person who called. Palo Alto Medical has a seriously English-challenged woman answering the phones at Internal Medicine. I did not trust her with a message because she had blown the one where I asked to have the prescription phoned in last week when the fax did not make it through.

Got a callback 2+ hours later,  explained the dosages and had them change the pharmacy of record on my account to the right one. I will probably change it to the clinic, since they are open later on weekdays. Or maybe I'll change it to CVS, but I have to check their pharmacy hours first.

Somewhere in there my calendar reminded me to reserve my Worldcon hotel room, which I did. The room rate was actually $3 less than what was listed on the con web site.

And there was a note from a recruiter setting up a phone chat tomorrow afternoon. The guy's name sounded familiar. I looked him up on FB and we have several mutual friends - all in musical theater. Did some more web searching and discovered he is an operatic baritone who has worked with several of the musicals and operetta groups in the area, and I'm pretty sure I've seen him, and would not be surprised if he's seen me in something. He has played some of the same parts I have, but he's more opera-oriented. We'll have something besides MPEG encoders to talk about.

Left work on time, picked up the two prescriptions at Costco (the doctor's office had not called them to confirm the insulin info, big surprise). Home for some cat time, then BASFA. It was lightly attended, but fun enough except for one of the most monotonous people in the group droning on during the reviews section. Most of the membership has discovered the art of inflection, but not this one. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. I was well pleased to see my second calendar auctioned off with some actual bidding. And thanks to melchar for the kind words, I really appreciate that.

Home, tried to take my blood pressure with a machine I've had for a couple of years, but it was giving me wildly different readings. Went online to see if they had a bigger cuff, and to order an upload cable (I've lost the one it came with, and it's non-standard). Two strikes, so I ordered another brand which comes with a big cuff and a cable.

Need to drop a line to the Renovationsf art people to find out when they expect to have designs for the bid sheets and control sheets. Not that I'm in any rush. Not that I have all the photos printed, or a map of the display. ;-)

I should really be planning for Conflikt.

Plans for tomorrow:
Phone chat w/the opera singer
PO - mail the defective camera GPS unit back to China
P/U the insulin at Costco (I hope)

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