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After midnight, it must be Saturday. Friday was a mixed bag. The Blu-ray new player and Logitech remote are working fine, but there does not seem to be a way to let Amazon know to cancel the RMA. I'll just let it expire, if the player doesn't expire first.

The reason I bought it after just buying a Sony, is the Sony in the bedroom makes some DVDs rattle. It's something mechanical with the drive. The one in the Livingroom either doesn't have that noise, or is too far from where I sit for me to hear. OTOH I've only played one DVD on it so far.

No contact from Company H, so I'm sure it's not happening.

Pharmacy called too late for me to pick up the rest of the insulin till Monday (they are closed weekends). No biggie, I have enough to last me till then, and then some.

Behaved myself food-wise, followed the Endo's insulin schedule, and blood sugars are way down. <100 most of the day. Paying attention helps. But I was real hungry.

The DTV From Frankenstein's Castle was very frustrating today. Found out running a network connection test that when it is unplugged from the LAN it loses all its IP address info. I had a series of 6 tests which need me to pull the plug on the network. And then when you try to reset them, it reboots. Normally I can finish all of them in about 15 minutes. It took 2 hours. Progress is slow with just two of us on the team, but the combination of holidays & CES has made for sparse pickings, so Boss says to keep at it till Tuesday.

After work went to Oakridge mall, I'd never been there before, and it is HUGE.  Went to get some Velcro-attached wrist weights, but they looked too small so I got ankle ones instead. Not for exercise, but for counterweights on the telescope to balance out the camera. This was actually suggested by the telescope company's tech support.  There will probably be duct tape involved. Also went to Pet Club and bought a bulb for the one in the aquarium which had burned out, and a few boxes of kitty litter.

Home, there was a notice from the Franchise Tax Board which I was afraid to open. turned out to be the annual state deductions from last year to put on my Federal 1040. No big deal.

Took out all my old passports, intending to make a spreadsheet of where I've been, when, but the stamps are all over the place, in no particular order, and some are not readable. Some other time when I have cycles to kill.

Put the replacement lamp in the tank hood, and it didn't turn on. Tried the spare I'd bought, and it didn't either. Must be the hood. So that's on my list of things to buy tomorrow.

Which brings me to:
Plans for tomorrow:
Buy chocolate
Buy replacement hood
Change the litterboxes
Crab feed at Saratoga Theater South Bay Musical Theater.

Thought about going to the model rocket launch at NASA Ames, but it's too darned cold.
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