Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
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I am a newspaper reporter, and I have just written an article in which I quoted a famous athlete - probably a football quarterback, maybe it was Bret Favre. In the dream there is only the impression, no names are mentioned, no specifics. The article is being passed around the newsroom, lots of people are commenting on it behind my back. One of my better buddies shows me a line in the article and says people are asking why I edited the quote. I said it didn 't change the meaning of the quote, and something along the lines of it made it more succinct.

My editor in chief stops me in the hallway - he looks a lot like Tom Landry.  He tells me a lot of people are upset about my article. They are saying I misquoted the athlete. We walk over to my workstation, and I show him the before and after edit versions. He's satisfied, "no harm, no foul" and goes back to his usual bustling day.

The office buzz is gone now, everyone is back at work, it feels like the normal busy newsroom.

After work I am walking down the street from the office, it is still light out, city sidewalks, but there are no cars on the road. For this road it's not peculiar. Suddenly a car whips by, the driver sees me and does a donut, pointing the car in my direction. He doesn't get out of the car, in fact does not seem to notice me.

When I woke from this dream, I thought I was in trouble, some shady character wanted to off me about the article. It took about a minute to remind myself that I don't work for a newspaper anymore, and never wrote sports when I did. Very intense dream.
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