Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Football Day

Thanks to the med test I needed to be home most of the day, but before football started I made a run to Walgreen's for baby powder & multi-vitamins. Remembered many other things which are only sold there, ended up spending $80.

Watched the whole Packers/Bears game and was disappointed with the Green Bay receivers who I think dropped more passes than they caught. Most of those through no fault of the Bears defense. Packers defense more than made up for it. I just love seeing someone fatter than I am score a TD.

During halftime I sliced up three onions by hand, then remembered I had a new food processor which could have done that in seconds. Made two panfuls of caramelized onions with minced garlic, packed them into the freezer for the next time I defrost a steaklet.

Watched the first quarter of the Steelers/Jets game, then ducked out to have coffee with a friend.  Talked until it was time for my next test, just in time to miss the apparently cardiologist's delight which was the end of the game. Heard it in the car on the way home, though.

Made a salad and a frozen dinner, and popped 2001 into the blu-ray player. Blu-ray disc version. Looked very pretty. The only time I have seen the movie all the way through was when it first came out, a friend from school and I went downtown to the Cinerama theater. I did not remember it being so boring. Kubrick padded the scenes to match the length of the music, rather than the other way around. I do remember we started to walk out during the psychedelic sequence toward the end, because it hurt to watch. We waited for the glare to go away and watched the fetus scene from the back of the theater.

I seem to remember a scene before the Jupiter mission where they show how HAL was taught. It was not in this version.  Neither was "It's full of stars" which I think was only in the book & the sequel.

The DVD has lots of commentary & such, but since I own this disc I'll save that for another time.

In the background I've been adding some Thai pop CDs to iTunes. One singer uses the name Ann in English, and when Gracenote filled in the artist's name, it was in Thai and was too many characters to be Ann. Looking closely at the tiny print, it's Sirina. I wonder why she didn't use the prettier Thai name.

Plans for tomorrow:
Medical Center, P/U prescriptions, Drop test off at the lab, make an appt for the nutrition program
BASFA (But I'm not staying for the Hugo session as I don't read that fast)
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