Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Weird Dream Channel

I am walking through a town, no idea where this is but in the dream it is the town I live in. I am going somewhere at a leisurely pace, looking into store windows as I pass by. I am heading somewhere specific, but wherever it is there is no specific time I have to be there. I am passing by one of those stores which is a shabby hole in the wall, some Asian mom and pop, or maybe just pop, which sold random pieces of junk items like rusty lawnmowers and used oil cans. A butcher paper sign in the window says they have gone out of business. It has the name of the store, Domatsu or something like that. Past the sign I see the store is almost completely empty, only one or two articles of junk along the wall. Inside a man who I gather is an electrician and a woman who is probably a real estate agent are looking at an electrical panel at the back of the store.

I reach my destination, where I pick up something which has been repaired there. I pay without noticing the cost. It is something small like a remote control.

I continue on, there is one more place to go to. About half an hour later I walk by another Domatsu, and it too is newly closed, with a crudely written paper sign on the front window. Two candy machines are in front of the store, empty, with paper signs on them too. The signs are actually inside the machines, fitted to the curvature of the glass. Like the other store, this one is almost completely empty, and a man and woman are way in the back looking at the electricity panel.

I am in another repair shop, the RAID aray I had dropped off is ready for me to format and test. A woman employee has me sit at a lab table while she goes to get it. She has given me the bill for troubleshooting work they have already done, and a four-page brochure about Siemens' excellent repair facilities. The first time I look at the bill, I see a reasonable $198, but then notice there is another 1 and the price is  $1,198, which is more than the RAID is worth. I take out the bill for the remote control and it is $186, which is far more than the remote is worth.  Reading the RAID's repair description, they found one bad drive - it is missing a sector or something like that, and I will have to replace the drive and rebuild the array content from the other three.

That's when I wake up.
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