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Asia Impressions

Some random impressions from my vacation.


  • There are a lot more fat Thai people than there were in 1989

  • The level of English expertise has dropped dramatically.

  • The currency is 1/10 the dollar value it was in 1989 but most things only cost 5x more (so things cost half the number of $$)

  • Phuket is 3x more expensive than Bangkok

  • The air is cleaner

  • Traffic moves a lot better - fewer and briefer traffic jams

  • There are more tall women

  • There are way fewer beggars on the streets

  • Sidewalks are not for walking on. They are for:

    • Parking motorcycles

    • Setting up vending stalls

    • Outdoor food stall seating

    • Sleeping dogs

    • Motorcycle short-cuts

    • Sleeping drunks

  • Most Thai massage places are now legitimate - it's hard to find a "body shampoo" place

  • In 1989, MacDonalds, KFC and Pizza Hut were only patronized by Westerners. Now they are mostly patronized by Thais

  • Every Thai above the age of 5 has a cell phone


  • This is not your father's China

  • Mao's greatest fears have come true - rampant Western influence has all but destroyed Chinese culture

  • The food tastes great - though it may be unidentifiable

  • In China, a Christmas Tree is a symbol of commerce, not religion

  • Glass jar, hot water, spoon, loose tea instead of coffee cup on each desk

  • Wonderful tea. Jasmine tea has whole jasmine flowers in it

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