Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Such a Simple Day

Slept till 9, did some computer stuff till 11, went shopping for a carrying case for the telescope and scored in the golf section at Sports Authority with a wheeled golf bag holder. Not a golf bag, but a cover for one.

Then to the supermarket for chicken gizzards, mushrooms and parsnip for the chicken soup (I already had chicken thighs and most of the other ingredients - I thought).  Ended up also buying  cheap red & white wines for future cooking, fresh rosemary & thyme, snow peas and ginger root.

Home, started gathering the soup makings and realized I had forgotten to buy the gizzards. Back the the store, bought gizzards and a pepper mill filled with mild Indian peppercorns.

Home again, half listened to the pre-game blather on TV while using the food processor to slice the veggies. The fixings almost completely filled the cauldron, and I added water to cover. After half an hour on low I boosted the heat a bit, and added dried barley, split peas, lentils and lima beans. 

Watched the game, checked the soup every now and then. Muted the halftime show and sat outside for a bit. Watched the rest of the game. By halftime I was rooting for the Packers, but remembered the Ravens-Steelers game which made me a bit nervous about the outcome. Frankly, either team winning would have been fine with me, but I am slightly prejudiced in favor of a west coast quarterback whose name is easy to pronounce.

Took the telescope out on the balcony and took some photos of the sliver of a moon. I need more practice at that. Will try again Tuesday night if the weather stays clear. The moon will be at half on the 10th, which would also be a good time to try.

Had some of the soup for dinner. Tasty, but missed having salt in it (low sodium was the whole purpose of making my own).

Plans for tomorrow:
Tags: cooking, food, football

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