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Boss took me aside before the Monday morning team meeting and told me my contract was terminated immediately. He mumbled something about having expected me to be more of a leader, which I figured was the case but it would have been nice if, in the year I was there, he had mentioned this. Since being hired, this was our first 1-on-1 meeting. I was not interested in being a leader in that group, the hours and paperwork are insane, and it can get political too.

Went back to my desk, one of the women on my team came by to get me for the meeting, when I told her I had been fired she was dumbfounded, and gave me a hug.

I will miss her and others on the team, won't miss the craptastic tools or the commute to nowhere. Will miss the free lunches but won't miss eating at my desk.

Took my stuff down to the car in the lower level of the parking garage, put it in the trunk, and then pushed the "open sesame" button on the car alarm remote. It beeped three times, which means it did not find the car. I tried the usual fix, remove the remote's battery and re-install it, and trying again after the Love Boat theme was through. No dice. Tried the reset button. Nada. Opened the door with the key, which set off the very obnoxious alarm, grabbed the backup remote from the hiding nook, and it didn't work either.

I phoned the front desk, they sent the head of facilities, who brought me back upstairs to the lobby where I called AAA. After 20 minutes a big tow truck arrived, too big to fit into the garage.  He radioed for a smaller vehicle, and in another half hour it was there, and miracle of miracles the driver not only was also a car alarm installer, but he had the same make and model I did. He dug under the dash and found the valet button (which I thought had not been installed because Fry's had not done the usual thing of putting it where you can see it), read the manual, and disabled the alarm.

That let me drive out. I headed for an alarm place a couple of miles away which I'd called while waiting for the first AAA visit. When I went inside the shop, the alarm was still not responding to the remote, but that was fine since it was off. He was busy, and when he came out 10 minutes later I tried to show him the problem, but the remote worked. He said the alarm usually resets itself in half an hour.

While I was waiting in the lobby, two of my former cow-orkers came by - they were on a smoke break, and one has to go through the lobby to get to the designated incendiary area - and asked what had happened. One of them had been hired the same day as me, and was made FTE months ago, after shifting from tester to programmer; the other was hired a week before me, and is still a contractor. He and I had contracted at Minerva together a few years ago.

After the alarm thing, I did some banking, the upshot of which is I need to go down to the IRS to get some questions answered about the parental living trust. Parked for a couple of hours at the eye candy Starbucks, since I won't be in Los Gatos again in the foreseeable future. The netbook needed virus updating, I did some facebooking and emailed my contract contact, who should have given me a heads up but apparently was his usual asleep at the wheel.

Writing this reminded me to update my LinkedIn profile. And I'll go to BASFA tonight for the networking and laughs.

Came home to a cauldron of chicken soup cooling on the stove, decanted it into 1-qt tubs and put all but one serving in the freezer. Will heat up the rest tonight as comfort food.
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