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Hey There Lonely Boy

Been feeling lonely today. and I doubt it is because I'm not working - work was sitting in a cubicle away from the rest of the team, and there was not a lot of social time. A bit bored too, despite doing a couple of Round Tuit projects.

Finally got the PAL DVD done, and it's being made into an ISO in the background. Also did the NTSC versions but the disc had errors, so I need to do it again. Third time - the stupid Corel DVD software keeps forgetting major things after saving the file, such as chapter captions which have been modified to not be truncated, the bit rate to record at, and it likes to put its default muzac loop in as background for the title pages even after that has been deleted and a clip from the DVD put in its place.  Checking all that is a PITA.

Contact conference has moved to LA for this year, April Fools weekend, their listserv went live today, flooding my mailbox with inanities. I'm not going, so I unsubscribed.

Went to my favorite late-hours Starbucks this evening, but it has moved a couple of notches lower on my list thanks to a remodeling job which looks teriffic, padded seats with lots of power outlets line the curved wall. But the seats are way too deep, and there's nothing to rest your back on.  The place was almost empty, minimal eye candy.

I am reading (on Kindle) Patton Oswalt's latest book, the title is three check box items:
  • Zombie
  • Spaceship
  • Wasteland
It was recommended at the last basfa meeting, with a note that "He's one of us". Which I already knew. I've seen his act from several angles, stand-up, MC and sitcom, and have never LOLed at anything he said. I was frankly surprised to find him literate. And guess what, he really isn't so much. The book is a collection of autobiographical snippets, and while it is not the Great American Novel, there are some interesting parts. I'm still pretty early in the book, there may be more. But the one thing he does is explain concisely some of the basics of D&D. I have never played the game, never have understood any role-playing game I have attended, but this one chapter explains it all so clearly that now I know I would not enjoy or be even remotely skilled at playing it. It also explained what made the last line in one of Mary Crowell's filk songs so funny (went over my head at Consonance and Conflikt when she performed it there). 

No plans for tomorrow. Harp concert in Alameda Sunday.
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