Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Only Wednesday?

Feels like it should have been Thursday all day. Somehow managed to spend so much time on the PC this morning that I was not dressed till 11:30.

Had a call from Cisco about a job, but once again they are looking for a programmer to do QA.

Thought about taking public transport to Berkeley, but would not have made it back in time for the recruiting company open house this afternoon. It's a company which I have heard good things about from cow-orkers, and they are fairly close to home. Went there at 4:30, they had a nice spread of chicken strips and cold cuts, I grabbed some and went into the galley, which was set up with chairs in a squared circle. Several recruiters chatted with me during the event, I have cards from four of them to email a resume to. Very worthwhile, I hope. Heard a couple of stories similar to mine from other attendees.

Am parked at the Pear Ave Starbucks, which is where I hung out most after my last Microsoft gig. Will drive down the block to Pear Ave theater in 15 minutes to see if there are seats left for the preview of Death of a Salesman. One of the few Facebook friends whom I have never met is in it. I think he's the lead. Actually, we probably have met, just not formally.

Edit add: Silly me, the preview is tomorrow night.

Plans for tomorrow are sparse, maybe Berkeley after I shoot off a flurry of resumes.
Tags: job hunt, theater

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