Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Another dead end

One of the places on the list looked promising, the Bangkok Market in San Jose a little south of downtown. Drove out there, it's a warehouse, wholesale distribution center, no access except for 18-wheelers. Sigh.

Meanwhile I have added the makings for Tom Ka Gai, my favorite Thai soup, to the list of things to make this weekend, and stopped off at Ranch99 to get lemon grass, galanga, straw mushrooms and  coconut milk. Tomorrow I'll get low sodium chicken stock and some roast duck, which seems to me a much better soup meat than chicken breast. :-) Plenty of places nearby for those items.

Also bought some Miracle Whip at Ranch99, what I had in the fridge expired sometime in the Victorian era. Deviled eggs tomorrow too.

May make one more foray for preserved turnip, as it seems to be a popular Vietnamese item, and there is a market not far away which does that particular cuisine.  I do have a recipe now, but it takes 4-5 days to create an edible batch.

Went to a friend's and hooked up her replacement receiver/amp. It was a challenge, she was sold the wrong model. She was replacing her late brother's high-end surround sound digital unit, and bought a stereo analog unit. I wish she had asked me first. I was able to hook it up and make it work, and she can't hear the difference, but I sure can. Since the right model would cost a lot more, and she loves the sound as is, she'll keep it. The old unit died because she has a plant hanging above t, and when she waters the plant it drips onto the vents and into the receiver. I told her to go to TAP Plastics and have them make a little shelf-like thing to protect the vents without sealing them off.

Photo shoot was very good tonight, it was at what is now my favorite studio in Sunnyvale, the hosts have learned how to keep everything orderly and still fun. The model learned a lot - this was a very low cost shoot because she is trying to build up a portfolio and break into the business. Six photogs plus the two hosts, we shot for 2 minutes at a time with short breaks between rounds for the model to put on different outfits and freshen up. The model has pretty eyes and a great complexion, but she's a bit tsaftig and un-toned. I think she looked best in tight jeans. We kept the lighting simple, which worked well.

No ral plans for tomorrow except a tiny bit of shopping and a lot of cooking and staying inside,  out of the storm.
Tags: cooking, photography, shopping, thailand

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