Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Huevos Diablos

Or something like that. Started the day making deviled eggs, which turned out okay.  Made way too many, wonder if I can freeze them?

Watched some more of the Free Libya Channel (aka CNN, which seems to only have the capacity to report one story per week, over and over and over again).  Watched some of the NFL Combine exercises, but they were pretty boring today. I guess QBs are tomorrow, except for the press conference, during which both QBs who Had Issues™ in the past declined to comment on anything in the past. Apparently when teams interview them in private they will come clean. That's the spin they both put on it, but I have my doubts.

Did some surgical strike shopping, and came up empty at the Japanese and Korean groceries. The Korean one had pickled everything except turnip. They had coarse sea salt, which is good for pickling, and vinegar, ditto. I needed a couple of mundane things, and started heading for Safeway, but saw a Lucky's en route and went there instead. Ran into one of my buddies from the last job. He too had been there on contract for a year with no hint of being made full-time.  He said he and the one other long-time contractor are planning on leaving before what happened to me happens to them.

There's a nice Starbucks next door, I set up the netbook, but it was installing Windows 7 SP1, which was going to take forever, and they had the place way over-heated, so I packed up and came home and finished the update there.

Chicken soup for dinner, banana mango smoothie for dessert.

I shredded the two turnips I had bought earlier, and packed the shreds in sea salt. In the morning it should be ready to add vinegar and garlic and put aside till next week. I've never worked with turnips before, they have a very strong smell when shredded.

No plans for tomorrow.  Will probably make some Tom Ka and freeze it. I suppose I can make a batch of Pot Thai without the turnip stuff. It's an optional ingredient, and I have all the others. Oh wait, I'm out of eggs. I knew there was a reason I should not have deviled all 10 I had in the fridge. Easy enough to buy more, though I'm inclined to not go shopping again for a while.

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