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Weird Dream Channel

It is opening night for a show I am in. I am looking at my lines for two of the scenes I am in, and get the feeling something is wrong. I put that aside as we are called into the green room by the stage manager, a woman IRL I have worked with a few times, but she is much younger here. The director blusters in, wearing a dark suit & vest with a bright red tie. His name is Aldo, and IRL he directed a couple of shows I was in in the 1980s, but he passed away a few years ago. He makes a short speech saying he is not really here, he just needs the college credits. As he is saying this, he is suddenly dressed in overalls and is wearing gold rimmed glasses.

He is done, and I go back to my two looseleaf pages of script, and realize that the scenes I am looking at (one per page) actually are two parts of the same scene, and I am cast as both a member of the courtroom audience and as the defendant. Or one of the defendants. Bottom line is I have lines at the same time in both roles. My audience character is supposed to respond to my defendant character. Well, not exactly respond. The person next to me in the audience wakes me up to hear the testimony of the defendant character.

It is opening night, and this is an awkward time to discover this. I am debating whether to tell the SM or the director. It is clear we have never done a complete run-through of the show, otherwise this would have been caught earlier. I am still looking at the yellow-highlighted lines, holding one page in my left hand and the other in my right, when I wake up.
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