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Optimism Rears Its Ugly Head

So the fun part of the day started with an 11 am appointment to meet a recruiter named Barton who works for a company located in one of those office buildings across the main street from the SJ Doubletree. After we'd been talking for a few minutes, a pretty blonde came in and joined us, Angie is the account manager for Apple, which is where the job is. She said it's a great fit. After she left Barton explained he was brand new there, hence the second opinion.

It would be a fun job, testing streaming media and multimedia on new Apple devices, basically making sure all the devices could play the same content. Not too different from what I had been doing at Netflix. They said there was a team's worth of openings, and asked if I could recommend anyone else. The one person I recommended has already been in touch with them, as well as his brother. Small world.

The down side is this is a 30% pay decrease, but that's the way things go in Silly Valley. So now I have two contracts which my resume has been submitted for, and we'll see if anyone brings me in for an interview.  And meanwhile I keep looking, but there is not much out there for non-coders.

Mailed a disc to yourbob, the reg code is written on it. I'm 90% certain it will accept the version 7 upgrade code.

Also put together a photo DVD for the model I shot last weekend. Kind of funny, they billed it as her wanting more photos for her portfolio, but didn't remind people to send her their shots. Considering the cost was half of normal, they ought to have harped on that a bit more. The model release they emailed did not include her address, I had to message her on Model Mayhem to get it.

Dinner tonight was the second half of a batch of Dhom Ka Gai, I love that stuff! Still plenty left in the freezer.

After the interview I ran some errands at the medical center.  Left a message with my doctor to please send in prescriptions I'd given her a month ago for BP and diabetes meds, made an appointment at radiology to have my kidneys imaged, and left a message with the nephrologist asking if he wanted to see me Thursday even if I haven't had the kidney scan yet. The story is they called last week to set up an appointment, but I was in an interview, and accidentally deleted the voicemail. And then forgot about it till yesterday.

Plans for tomorrow:
Hang loose.
P/U prescriptions
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