Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Day of the Hump

LA recruiter called, they have not heard from Cisco. Considering I expected to hear Monday, this probably means I won't get that job.

Local recruiter called, the manager at Apple is finally back in town, am I free for an interview early next week? Yup.

Double-checked my calendar, and saw that I'm supposed to be radiated on the 14th. I thought it was supposed to be a Thursday. Looked at the appointment write-up, and it said Thursday 3/14. I'll have to call them, it is probably Thursday 4/14.

Checked out yet another massage place, who knew a 4'8" 40+ Vietnamese woman could hurt me so much? Gave the expression "she's all elbows" a whole new meaning.

After starting a batch of pickled turnips (peeled, shredded, put in a bowl with some salt), I parked myself at *bux with my 1960s-70s string book and wrote an article for johnnyeponymous about my encounters with Frank Herbert. I am still convinced that most of the people who gave Dune its multiple awards and accolades never actually read the book.

Janice arrived just as I was mailing that off, and after some catching up, she asked me to give her details on what the Father From Hell did with his kids at her birthday party which made me so upset. She's a psychologist with a master's in social work, and she takes those kids on hikes and trips, sometimes with one parent or the other, and said she was looking for ways to improve his parenting. I suggested homicide.

After finishing up the pickled turnip recipe (added minced scallions, garlic, red pepper flakes, salt & sugar, then topped them with water in 2 1-pint mason jars),I wasted some time watching reruns of Cops: Campus Police and Cheaters. Why are these on the G4 channel? And what makes these shows Arts & Entertainment:
$100 Makeover
 Beyond Scared Straight
 Billy the Exterminator
 Breakout Kings
 Cold Case Files
 Criminal Minds
 Criss Angel Mindfreak
 CSI Miami
 Drill Team
 Dog the Bounty Hunter
 The First 48
 Fix This Kitchen
 Fix This Yard
 Flip This House
 Gene Simmons Family Jewels
 The Glades
 Manhunters: Fugitive Task...
 Paranormal State
 Parking Wars
 Private Sessions
 Sell This House
 The Sopranos
 Steven Seagal Lawman
 Storage Wars
They are all shown on the A&E network. Why?

zanda_myrande posted a note suggesting folks predict what their life/situation will be like in 10 years. I don't expect to still be alive in 10 years, so I did not participate.

Tried to set up the telescope and camera to get photos of the moon. Since the last time I tried, I bought more powerful lenses for the scope and a camera attachment which lets you shoot through those lenses, instead of just through the paltry 600mm scope front lens. It did not work. The telescope is badly balanced, and even with 10 lbs of weights on the front, it could not hold position with the camera gear in place. Time to bite the bullet and sell the scope, and ask astronomical society folks if there is a way I can do this hobby for what I'm willing to spend on it. I do have to say that with the 3x magnifier and 25mm eye piece, the image of the moon was close up and what I was aiming for. Adding the camera and its holder is what messed things up.  It's a pretty good setup if you're only wanting to look, and not photograph.

Dinner was franks with dijon & kraut on sour rye. With a dill pickle. Bananas sliced into light whipped cream for dessert.

Plans for tomorrow:
Online daily job hunt
Who knows?

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