Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Not much

Did not make much progress on the trust taxes. Basically just managed to get the mass of paperwork in the folder divided out into the two items which list the 2010 sales. One of them did not have the symbols for the companies, so I went online and looked them all up.

Only the sales after June 19 matter. But that's most of them.

Mountain View Library has a nice open feel, but the tables downstairs are a little small - made for 1 or 2 people, cafe style. But big enough for what I was doing.

While I was there I checked out three audio books. Am slurping one into iTunes right now. Two old sci-fi and one Korean language primer.

Went from there to Starbucks, to read and enjoy the occasional eye candy. With each drink they were giving away this "petites". Cave man's petite fours, or however that's spelled. Tacky, not particularly tasty.

Got a call from an old theater friend in the Sacto area who is home after her second knee surgery. The first try got infected, so they had to take it out, let it heal, and do it over. Somewhere in there her boyfriend left her, but guilt brought him back. She was yelling at him during our conversation, so things are normal.

Also got sa call from PAMF Radiology reminding me of my test Monday morning. I'm to eat nothing after midnight, but drink 24 ounces of water just before I leave for the clinic. That will be a challenge.

Downloaded the H&R Block tax app, but it did not support the main form for trusts, so I called and got a refund. Need to do the same with TurboTax Business.

Plans for tomorrow:
Try again with the taxes. It should not be that hard. Just have to do it by hand. Boo, hiss.

Make another batch of Pot Thai.

Try to get outside for a bit, if it isn't cold like it got today.

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