Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Weird Dream Channel

It is a bright sunny day and I think I am in British Columbia. I am driving my IRL car across a landscape which looks like the wasteland around a volcano, but there are no mountains in sight. I am driving towards the ocean, which I can see in the distance.  Off to the right is a light blue tower with white wave symbols near the top, which I know is the ferry terminal. I'm going to be taking the ferry, but on foot. I am looking for a place to park the car, and there are these depressions in the volcanic rock that are big enough to park the car in. As I watch, another car parks in a cave-like spot, with a nice sheltering overhang. Wish I had seen it first. There are two good spots in range, one down at sea level, the other is up on the higher level where I am driving. I decide it's the better spot, even though it means walking all the way around to the left side of my level to get down to the lower level where the ferry dock is.

I have walked to the right - to a depression in the landscape which gives me a view of the ferry tower, and it is in hearing range of any arrival announcements. I am lying on my back, my gym bag is next to me, and I have stripped completely, getting ready to put on a different set of clothes, when a couple parks nearby. I lie very still, hoping they don't see me. They both get out of their car, the man is absorbed with the ocean view, he is out of sight and facing away from me. The woman is short, very fat, had short blond hair and is wearing gold-rimmed glasses. She is dressed in a light blue velour track suit with white piping.  It actually looks pretty good on her.

She walks right over to my little crater, sits on the rim facing me, and in a matter of fact tone tells her husband "there's a man in there" and she makes some suggestions about what the thee of us might do together, which I don't quite hear. I tell her I had better put some clothes on, and reach into my gym bag and start getting dressed.

She seems disappointed, and I wake up as I am still dressing and she and her husband are walking down to the dock.
Tags: dreams weirdness

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