Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Restless Night

It was 60° outside when I went to bed, so I removed the down comforter and replaced it with my rest-of-the-year quilt. Much more comfortable, and colorful. I also have new neighbors in the adjoining apartment. The bad news is they make a lot of noise but the good news is they are heating the place, which also helps heat my place.

Going against the DST grain, I had dinner and went to bed a couple of hours earlier than usual, and it was a pretty restless night. Domino hopped up on the bed a few times, twice she climbed up on top of me, once when I was lying on my side and once when I was on my back. After 5 minutes of that she would curl up just out of reach near the foot of the bed.

In addition to DST, I had another reason to eat late stay up late, I am having an ultrasound this morning at 11, I need to be fasting (food & water) since midnight, and drink 24 oz. of water half an hour before the exam. But I'm not feeling at all hungry, and maybe in an hour I'll be thirsty enough to finish all that water.

Did not have any memorable dreams. Woke to the iPod dock playing the audio book Blood Music, and listened for 45 minutes. I'm on disc 4 out of 9, and am surprised there is so much left, because the plot has the feel of being close to the end. George Guidall does an excellent job of reading, but I would much rather hear it done with a full cast of actors/actresses. There is a small cast, and lots of dialog in this book, it would lend itself well to reader's theater. 

Checked FB, also looked at my Monster & Dice job alerts - nothing new (usual for Monday morning).  No breakfast today. Have an hour and a half to kill yet. May listen to the book some more, may just poke around on the interwebz.
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