Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Catching Up

Thursday was laundry, and another Carousel rehearsal. The last one in the rehearsal hall. Wednesday's was better than Thursday's. Since I got there on time this time, I got to do more work. There isn't much which can be done in the rehearsal hall, the big work will happen Monday at Q2Q.

Tried listening to Blood Music on the iPhone in the car (hooked up to the car's entertainment unit), but it kept skipping around. Tracks seemed to be playing out of order. Frustrating.

Friday was rain and wind and then rain again. This made my trip to WalMart inconvenient. They are the only place which carries black jeans and long-sleeved shirts in my size - I needed at least two of each for the upcoming stage crew assignment.

Made a quick stop at the nearby Safeway for zucchini.

Prior to the rain, I had my nails done. As usual the Thai hair tinter chatted with me a little in her native language. My manicurist broke my heart, though, and told me she is married. She doesn't wear a ring at work because of the chemicals. Sigh.

After a light dinner I went over to an old theater friend's for a Bad Movie Night. I brought along Thumb Wars which was a hoot and a half, and the gang commented that the production values were better than in the original. Some of the writing was too. The we watched a period romance, The Lady and the Highwayman with an amazingly talented cast who were all apparently temporarily lobotomized for this production. Hugh Grant, Emma Samms, Oliver Reed, Claire Bloom, Sir Michael York, Sir John Mills, Sir Robert Morley among others. The score by Laurie Johnson helps make this a masterpiece of badness. It was great hanging out, and many laughs.

Plans for tomorrow:
Take care of the litterboxes. Not fun in the rain
Quick trip to Ranch 99 for galangal
Make Tom Ka Gai for the potluck
Thai meetup potluck and movie

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