Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

A Very Wet Day

Sold something on eBay last week, payment received today, early enough to make the PO my first stop. Thought I had lost the original box for the item, but found it in a different part of the closet in which I usually store those things.

Remembered there being a PO branch in the same shopping center which has the newest Ranch 99, and since I also needed galanga and chicken I headed there.  But when I got there, the signs said it was a Nob Hill, not a Ranch 99, and I did not see a PO, so I went a few blocks north where I thought they both might be. Found the PO but it is now closed on weekends. Went to the one downtown, then looked at my GPS an sure enough, the place I thought there was a Ranch 99 actually was the right place. So I went back up there. They have taken over the store where Nob Hill used to be, and the only signs they changed cannot be seen from the road until after it is too late.

Got everything I needed, home, discovered I was out of mushrooms. Tried Safeway, but they only had button mushrooms, not the straw mushrooms. They have drastically reduced the Asian food section, and doubled the Mexican stuff. And with Passover coming there is more Jewish food on that aisle.

Home, when I pulled the coconut milk off the shelf, there was a can of straw mushrooms there. So I only needed half the button mushrooms.

Made a double batch of Tom Ka Gai, Thai coconut milk chicken soup, serves 12. That's how many people were signed up for the potluck.  It fit neatly into two snap-and-seal containers, which fit neatly into my cloth shopping bag.

Drove to the potluck, in San Jose. No parking anywhere. I ended up 4 blocks away. It was raining HARD. The wind was blowing something fierce. Got to the rec room of the apartment complex where the potluck was, wishing I'd worn a wetsuit, and only the hostess was there. Only 6 people showed up, but there was a lot of food, all of it very good. We watched a movie, Beautiful Boxer, which was a borderline Bad Movie™ about a sissy boy who becomes a transvestite Muay Thai fighter. There is very little acting in this movie, but one surprise is the kid's best friend in boxing camp is played by a young man who looks very white but speaks Thai like a native and is billed as Sitiporn Niyom. I can't find anything online about his background. Anyhow, it was entertaining enough, had a happy ending, and some touching moments here and there. The Muay Thai scenes are particularly violent, one of the Thai women in the audience looked away during most of them.

Home through torrential rains, 280 was a mess - lots of standing water, lots of wind making it hard in the SUVs, too many drivers changing lanes at stupid times. 85 was worse, I got off three exits early and took surface roads the rest of the way.

Gave the cats their treats, watched Netanyahu being interviewed attacked by Piers on CNN. What is with CNN these days, pushing their agenda on everyone? I blame them for the NATO war on Libya. I hope Congress gets back in session and slaps Obama upside the head for making war without authorization. I don't car that there was a UN resolution, attacking a sovereign nation which has not attacked us or our allies is an act of war. This is not the change I voted for. Where are the Egyptians and the Saudis? What makes Libya's citizens more valuable than Yemen's or Bahrain's? THIS IS NOT OUR FIGHT. WE SHOULD NOT BE THERE. Our resources need to be spent on helping Japan, Haiti, Chile and those places which are suffering through no fault of their own.

Just as a reality check for those people who  are upset that Ghadaffi is killing his own people:


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