Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Amazing But True

Last night we started at 8 pm (on time) and ran through the entire show. I was taken by surprise a couple of times when pieces of the set which I was supposed to move were grabbed by cast members. The help was greatly appreciated, the lack of communications from the crew chief and stage managers was not.

We did not get most of the blackouts we were supposed to get for set changes, and a few times the cast did not wait for the set change to finish before jumping onstage and starting the scene. We'll fix that, I'm sure.

All in all, a very good rehearsal. I thought it ran a tad long, but then remembered we had never done the show with a full intermission before.

Parking across the street in the convention center garage was only $4. Much better than the 10-minute walk through the downpour to the free parking Adobe generously provided. The people who arranged that have theater parking permits, of course. One would think a similar arrangement could be made with the city for the convention center garage, seeing as how we are renting a city theater and bringing $$ to downtown, and the garage is virtually empty after 6 pm.

Got an IP webcam for a reasonable price, it works fine inside my home network, but the Hong Kong company it came only has a Chinese web site, and the manual is so Engrish it's very hard to figure out. One would think people brought up in a British colony would have some English language skills.

The software is similarly not easily parsed. I need to do some poking around the www to figure out how to open the firewall in my home network and embed the video in a page on my web site, or something similar. The cam has a built in web server of sorts, I can view and configure it just by poking the wireless IP address into a browser.

LA recruiter called, he has not heard anything from Cisco (interview was 3 weeks ago) but he still holds out hope. Looking at LinkedIn, this is his first recruiter job, he's not qualified, and has been doing it for less than a year. Here in Silly Valley, if you don't hear something within a week of the interview, you're not getting the job. You may hear from them again in 3 months if the person they hired washes out.

Surgical strike shopping this afternoon is done, bought the makings for sandwiches for the run of the show. The timing is such that we need to be at the theater at about dinner time for the evening shows and lunchtime for the matinees, but there is half an hour or more of waiting after that. And there is also time during some of the longer scenes to munch.

The woman sweeping the floor in front of me has the cutest butt. :-)

Another rehearsal tonight, we're getting close.

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