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2 o'clock matinée today went well, the show has tightened up some, and we were done at 4:30, which is about right for Carousel. The stage left crew has it down pat now, the only issues we have is when some of the cast comes up to watch the show from the wings and park themselves where sets need to come in and out. The crew chief keeps getting himself run over too,  because he is not paying attention. The story goes like this: we have three portable street lamps which have a battery pack mounted on the stem and a push button on/off switch for the light. They cannot be turned on by remote control. They come onstage with the curtain open in a scene change. The crew chief has decided he will put on a trenchcoat and a hat, and play lamp lighter at the top of the scene. Not a bad idea, really. Except he parks his coat and hat and shoes on the props table, and changes right where I have to prop up a 14-foot-long narrow set piece which I take off the stage from the previous scene. He has gotten skewered twice. The stupid thing is he starts lighting the lamp on stage right, and walks across to the other two lamps on stage left, and exits stage left. If he made the change on stage right, which has a massive set shop and plenty of open space, he would not be in anyone's way, and would be in the right place for his 15 seconds of fame.

They took cast & crew photos after the show, I almost forgot about that. Tried to be mostly out of sight but didn't succeed.

The show is very good, there is a lot of musical and dance talent and several of the leads can actually act. We continue for one more week - Thurs-Sun 8pm except the final show is at 2. They also do a special morning show Wednesday for the school arts program (it's a condition of one of their grants) but I'll be elsewhere. If you live within shouting distance of San Jose, do try to see it. Tickets can be had here.
Plans for tomorrow:
The usual morning perusal of job listings
Kaiser records department, find out why my records have not made it over to PAMF after almost 4 months.
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