Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

I Should Be Asleep

Orthopedic appt at 8 am. All day cardiology appt Wed at 8am, but have to finish a prescribed breakfast by 6:30 am. WTF?

Good day today. Went to Kaiser HMO, they confirmed Palo Alto Med Ctr has had my records since January. I Need to tell the doctors to look.

Went to a CPA I found via Yelp and a couple of other sites, they are close to the local Trader Joe's. A partner sat down with me, organized my Folder Of Too Much Paper into useful, somewhat interesting and useless and gave me a short list of things to go home and print out for him. Got that done, dropped that off after 1 pm, and he emailed that he had them and would phone if he had any questions.

Glad I went, because his explanation of trust taxes showed I would have royally botched it had I done it myself.

Atypical Monday - no recruiter calls. Not even escapees from Mumbai with programming offers in New Jersey.  The one call I got was from my ISP offering $35 off if I renewed my ISP hosting a month early instead of waiting for the automatic renewal. No thanks, I'm not employed at the moment, it can wait a month.

Looked at Apple's audio book store, the prices are insanely high for most of the books I am interested in. Perhaps that is why the iPhone won't play CDs from ripped audio books in the right order.

BASFA meeting was much fun, but somewhat poorly attended.

Okay, bedtime.

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