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Where Was I?

When last we heard from our intrepid hero he was about to go see the doctor about a ganglion cyst on his wrist That was way too early Tuesday morning. Saw the doctor, though the cyst had magically reduced itself down to smaller than when I had first noticed it about a month ago. He suggested aspirating it, which he did. With a moderately long needle. It didn't hurt before I went to the doc, now it does. Poking a hole usually does that.

That was all done in 10 minutes, which left me the rest of the day with nothing to do. One of the things on my circular enabling device list was to upgrade to a faster netbook, assuming I could find one for about the same $ as the last one. Did some browsing online with the Samsung I already had, and found several which met the criteria. But talk about pears and turnips! About the only thing they all had in common was 1GB of RAM. I needed 2GB, but that's easy enough to buy and install myself, I figured. It's what I did for the last 2 netbooks. Narrowed it down to the latest Samsung, a Toshiba and an Asus. The models I was looking at all had the same processor and more than enough HDD space, and 802.11N wireless. The Toshiba used DDR2 memory the other two use DDR3. But the Toshiba's bus is 30% faster than the other two.

Browsing the web, the price was the same (or within $10) anywhere, and all the retail stores were offering an upgrade from Win7 start to home premium for $20, so I checked for availability and the huge Best Buy in East Palo Alto had them, so I headed there. I played with all three for a bit, liked the Toshiba best. Very sharp display, good battery life, fast, and has a cobalt blue top.

So most of yesterday was spent setting it up, transferring all the files from the Samsung (did that at home over the N wireless network with Win7 Easy Transfer) and installing software. This is being written on it.

After the transfer, I opened up both memory panels and swapped. They both use the same DDR2 RAM, so now the Toshiba has 2GB and the Samsung has 1GB. Too easy.

After installing MS Office, I was amazed to see Outlook had retained all my email info after the transfer. Major WIN. 

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