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I am bored at work, and decide I can justify a drive to a customer site. I tell the boss I'm going to Hitachi, hop into my car and drive to a building in Silicon Valley which I have been to in real life, but it isn't Hitachi. Also, in real life, hitachi is not one of my customers, I have never visited that company.

I go inside, and from the foyer I can see Ed and his boss in a meeting in the conference room just off the foyer. It's the conference room meant to be used for meetings with people from outside Hitachi who don't want/need security clearance, but this is obviously a staff meeting. About a dozen people are in there, but my dream view only shows me Ed and his boss. Ed is a very large, rotund man in a blue shirt with vertical stripes. The shirt is not quite large enough for it to stay buttoned while Ed is sitting down. Ed is holding a box of donuts - holding it out to the people at the table, and though most everyone take a donut, there are still half a dozen left in the box.

The meeting is soon over, Ed comes out into the foyer with the donut box (open) in one hand, and his Ed-sized coffee cup in the other. We sit down at a small round table in the foyer, and he offers me a donut, which I accept, and then accidentally spills his coffee all over the donut box and table. Ed grabs a handful of paper towels from somewhere and starts moving the coffee around, mostly re-locating it to the carpet. His boss says something to him, and both of them go away, leaving me to clean up the mess.

In real life, I know both Dream Ed and his Dream boss, but his name is not Ed, and his Dream boss works at a completely different company as someone else's boss.

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