Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Two Projects Done

Did not buy any frozen foods when I was at Lucky's picking up bread & fruit, because the freezer part of the fridge looked jam packed last time I peeked. Wanted to finish off the crab which meant I may as well pull everything out of the freezer, reorganize it, and put it back in some semblance of order. Was surprised to find more raw chicken, steak and parsnips than I remembered, and a whole huge bag of frozen veggies I didn't know I had. Now everything is nice and neat and easy to find, the crab has been et, as well as the half-full container of chicken soup (there are still 5 full ones plus 2 Tom Ka Gai - Thai coconut chicken soup). Freed up another container which was half filled with cooked wok-able beef chunks, which I mixed with a bag of caramelized onions. Only ate 2/3 of that, bagged the rest for the fridge. Domino loved the bits of beef I broke off for her.

Updated my Outlook calendar and a doc that I keep on the iPhone with all the data for my upcoming Reno trip.  That took a lot more time than it sounds.

Plans for tomorrow:
Deposit unemployment check
Ranch 99 - buy a better wok, and get crab eating utensils.
Buy a ream of printer paper
Carousel curtain time is 8 pm - have to be there by 7:30. I am pissed that light rail circumcised its schedule, and no longer has a train running after the show is over, so I have to drive. Traffic between Mountain View and San Jose is a nightmare between 5 and 7:30.  Maybe I'll go around 2 pm and visit the Tech.
Tags: cooking, shopping, theater

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