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Final Night at the Montgomery

Last night was the final evening performance of Carousel, we close after today's matinée.

The weather had turned overnight from summer to winter, nippy temps, strong wind, overcast. No rain, though. Did some shopping for pet stuff, made the rounds looking for affordable printer paper, after seeing earlier in the week that Best Buy's bargain price was $3.50 a ream. Sometimes it is on sale for $1 or so. The office places were gouging on the single reams - $5 was the lowest. $2.50 a ream if you bought a case of 10, but I don't have anywhere to store that, and it would be a multi-year supply. Fry's in PA was pathetic, nothing less than $6 and the shelves were almost empty, with price tags not matching what was on the shelf. Fry's customers are notorious for dumping things on the wrong shelves. Also, all the bulk boxes (10 reams) had been broken into and were missing reams. Nothing was on sale. So I'll probably go back to BB.

Somewhere in there I had lunch and dinner, then drove to the theater. The show went well, insane crew chief was relatively sane and kept to the other side of the stage except where he is supposed to be on my side. Stage left crew leader was in a great mood, he had seen the show Friday night and enjoyed it. One of my stage left crew is a hot little MILF whose son is in the show, but she's from Livermore, and appears to still be happily married. Sigh.

Had a nice chat with one of the more stunningly beautiful cast members, she's in law school, so she's smart as well as pretty and talented. She brought her boyfriend to one of the rehearsals. I was not impressed. But she is, which is what counts, I guess.

Well, time to get dressed and ready for the show.
Tags: shopping, theater, women

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