Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

One More Milestone Passed

Final Carousel Performance was excellent, as usual. The audience was not quite as responsive as Saturday night, but that's not unusual for  matinée. The cast totally nailed the finale, the last chord was one to remember. I have it on iPhone, I'll upload it somewhere sometime soon.

After the show I moved a lot of stuff off stage and out of the wings and out from behind the cyc, and bailed after everything was staged to be trucked away, when it was clear that (a) the people in charge of loading the truck were going to engineer the project to death and (b) there were more than enough younger, stronger hands than needed.

Am at the Pear Ave Starbucks, for just long enough to write this

Before the show I went to PetSmart for a variety of aquarium filter refills, of which they had none, so drove down the block to Pet Club, which had them all for pretty close to the online prices. Also picked up a ream of printer paper at BB for $4. More than I like to play, but less than everyone else for a single.

Plans for tomorrow:
Call the cardiologist. Read the job postings. Fake the rest.
Tags: fish, shopping, theater

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