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Lazy Monday

Was up at 5, which is what I get for collapsing into a big lump on the bed before 11. Pumpkin was using me for a pillow, so I stayed there and listened to the radio a bit. All the AM stations are running the same ads, sometimes at the same time. Geico, debt "consultants", mortgage companies. And orange oil. And how could I forget Sleep Train, Mancini's Mattress Emporium and Mattress Whorehouse? I mean, how often does a person buy a mattress or treat a house for termites? As for Geico, how seriously can you take a company which says it can save you money while it is spending as much on advertising as Obama is spending on the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya combined?

In other news, I donated to the Red Cross a day or two after the tsunami, and now the word from Japan's PM is that money probably has not reached anyone in Japan who can use it.

Eventually it was 9 am and I was up and dressed and had looked through the job postings and email. There was some good news from someone I used to work with who had helped me get a phone interview with his boss almost 2 months ago. He said they had once again (for the 3rd time) changed the req, they no longer need a bilingual engineer, now they just need someone to work 4 pm - midnight. I told him I could do that. It would mean giving up acting until I could move to daytime, but it sure beats fighting 237 at 7:30 am. Or being unemployed.

One big step forward, one little step back: the idiot recruiter who was supposed to have line up an interview for a fun but low-paying job at Apple on Friday had phoned asking me what video formats I knew, but the words he used to ask told me he would not understand the answer. And they did not make much sense. So I emailed him telling him to send me exactly what the client asked him to ask me. Instead he emailed me th abbreviation for a generic HD video format. One word. So I replied that I no longer wanted his firm to represent me.

So 9 am rolled along, I called Cardiology, the first appointment they had was for next week. They looked at my record, apparently there is nothing to panic about. She said to enjoy my trip to Reno.

Did my laundry, and chatted with my Poulsbo brother-in-law who was doing the parental final taxes, the part which covered pre-estate income. And chatted with the CPA. The final result was an agreement all around that the CPA will do both before and after, because the way the brokerages are reporting things, it makes no sense to separate the two. I may also contact a friend who specializes in living trust law, and ask if there is a good reason to hook him up with the CPA.

Cuddled with the cats some, went for a massage, headed for the nearest BofA ATM which is in a Lucky store, in the same shopping center as a very nice Starbucks. The ATM was having a major overhaul, I did some shopping (snacks for tomorrow's train ride) but the guy was still at it on the ATM when I had checked out.

So I'm bucking the stars, and will try the ATM later. And maybe I'll have dinner next door at the pizz./pasta place, mostly to avoid the rush hour traffic on 280.

Plans for tomorrow:
Up at the crack of OMG:30 to catch the 6:30 am Capitol Corridor to Emeryville, and then the California Zephyr to Reno. Three nights based at Harrah's downtown (a block and a half from the station) then back on the train Friday morning. The train ride is the reason for the trip, it goes through parts of the Sierra which should still be covered in snow, but cleared off enough to not block the train. It ought to be a very scenic ride. The three nights at Harrah's is because of an Amtrak deal - usually I stay at the Silver Legacy across the street, but they almost doubled their mid-week prices since last time. I'll probably check out the Peppermill and Atlantis where worldcon will be this summer. And see a show or three. After I post this I'll see what reno.com has to say about events.

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