Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Afternoon Update

Restless night, woke up every hour from 4 am till 7 am. Since they were open, I phoned Social Security and after 5 minutes of their computerized FAIL machine misunderstanding everything I punched into the keypad, it connected me with a person, who understood right off that I needed a copy of my parents' 1099 and after checking the info I gave him, said it would be in the mail today. Baby sister had tried to get those yesterday by going to the SSA office, but they gave her some line about needing to be the executor.  Which makes me wonder if their social security app included naming me as executor.

Called baby sister at work, she was happy to be distracted from the boring doc she was reading. We had a nice chat. Told her about the SSA call, also filled her in on my latest medical stuff.

Facebooked for a bit, then took the camera out for a walk. Bright sunny day, some wind, I headed for the river, took some pix of the Reno arch, as if I don't already have 50 already. A mile or so upriver I saw some kayakers and walked up there and saw they were in shortened sport kayaks, taking turns at doing various flips and rolls in a small piece of white water. Put the camera into high speed repeat mode at 1/8000 and filled up the rest of the CD card, and then it automagically started using the SD card. CD is 4Gigs, SD is 16. Plenty left for the ride home. Left my card with the kayak guy who had his Canon EOS set up on a rock, and told him the pix will eventually be on my Flickr page.

One thing I did not mention about the ride up is the more photogenic the scenery got, the more overcast and dark it became. This will mean a lot more blurry shots than otherwise, which I'll wait till I get home to look at.

I'm expecting it to rain tomorrow. No prob, tomorrow will be for taking taxis to the Peppermill and Atlantis to see what's up with the Worldcon sites.

Another reason for my train trip was to remind myself how comfortable coach class is on Amtrak, so I will be changing my Worldcon reservations from sleeper to coach.

Tags: photography, trains, travel

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